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Hi! If you're wondering who is writing this blog, my name is Brandie Freeman.

I am in my thirteenth year of teaching various science classes, including AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science, in Powder Springs, Georgia. My undergraduate degree is in Middle Grades Education, and I spent some time teaching eighth grade before moving up to high school.

During my first ten years in education, I completed my Master's and Specialist Degrees with 4.0 GPA's, earned my Gifted Endorsement, was appointed to the state science teachers association board, presented at over a dozen workshops and conferences, won $30,000 worth of grants and awards; became an AP Exam Reader, cohosted the American Association of Chemistry Teacher’s most popular webinar ever, and became my school and district Teacher of the Year, the Georgia High School Science Teacher of the Year, and a National Science Teachers Association STEM Awardee - all while building a home and having two sons with my husband, Allen.

Impressed? Please don't be.

As a child of poverty, I learned that resiliency was the key to success. I perfected the skill of taking life's lemons and making lemonade. The problem with being a master lemonade-maker, though, is that you just keep squeezing everything in sight out of habit, even after life stops handing you pesky, sour fruit.
After suddenly losing my father and sister in a short period of time, I decided that all my busy-ness needed to stop. I was renowned by all as an excellent teacher, but I knew I was not the mother or wife I should be. My mental and physical health had taken a back seat and my quest for perfect lessons and teaching accolades was driving my life.

Now, I spend my free time gardening, chasing my chickens, doing yoga, and most importantly, cuddling with my boys instead of being locked away in my classroom after hours.

I stopped striving and decided to live a more sustainable life as a schoolteacher, and I invite you to do the same. See more of my story in the video below. Cheers!

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