Monday, January 23, 2017

What to do After a Hard Day

Man, this GIF makes me miss Chandler's one-liners on Friends. It also makes me want to take a bath... 

Some folks are into bubble baths, bath bombs, or lots of candles. I am more of an Epsom salt kind of girl; it can soothe sore muscles and even increase your blood's magnesium levels, which at low concentrations have been linked to depression. I find that connection pretty intriguing, but I must say that, even though people seem to think science teachers know everything, I'm not a medical doctor. Nor am  I providing you with advice for treating a complex condition like depression- just the links to two nerdy articles. All I do know is the Epsom salt I use smells like lavender and makes me smile.

Regardless of preferences, I am sure we can all agree that baths are relaxing and assist in easing our tension. That is, of course, as long as your kids haven't used up all the hot water and your toddler doesn't intrude to announce they need to use the potty (again). Look familiar, parents?

So this week, I hope you make time to squeeze in some "me" time without fingers getting squeezed under your door. And, the next time you are soaking in the tub, I invite you to not only cleanse your body, but also cleanse your mind: use the strokes of your loofah to visualize, in as much detail as possible, whatever is on your mind being shed into the water. 

Then, lay back, close your eyes, clear your thoughts, and watch your problems literally go down the drain. 

Check out more details in this nifty video, complete with mom hair and the impending threat of my own personal toddler:


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